how to fit travel into your life

Another repost to share some inspiring words:

"I often get asked, “how do you fit so much travel into your life?”  And that’s a very long winded answer to that question because there are so many aspects of my life that are travel-oriented.  But in short, if you want more travel in your own life, here’s 5 ways to live a travel-oriented life of your very own.

1. Start planning - Travel doesn’t just happen in life, it has to be planned.  I spend countless hours and days every month planning for the year ahead, planning flights and hotels, planning days and itineraries.  Planning how much money we’ll need, planning how many days we’ll need.  Travel takes A LOT of planning, so start now!

2. Collect moments, not things - If you want to travel and make travel a huge part of your life, you’ll need to start collecting moments, not things.  If you want to spend your money on travel, then you don’t need a huge house or that new car.  If you want to spend your money on travel, then you don’t need all those new clothes.  Travel becomes where your time and funds go if that’s what you want.  So look at it this way: your life starts to evolve by collecting amazing memories and treasures from around the world instead of thinking about material things.

3. Learn languages - There is nothing more wanderlust-y that learning languages from countries you want to travel to.  To live a fully travel-oriented life, learning languages from around the world can transport you to a place without even being there yet!

4. Work travel into your job - One of the reasons I travel so often is because I do travel for work a lot.  I fell into this work lifestyle, but if you want to travel more, this a great way to see a lot of different places.  See if you can work travel into your current job or if not, see if you can find a job you’ll enjoy that also includes travel.

5. Be a citizen of the world - One thing a lot of people forget is that to really live a travel-oriented life, your attitude and perspective have to change.  You are no longer just a citizen of wherever you live, but a citizen of the world.  You are a part of a huge planet and we’re all connected more than we think."

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