ines & enzo

Möt Ines och Enzo - våra nya familjemedlemmar!
Här är Ines och Enzo, två kattungar som flyttade in hos oss får några veckor sedan. Enzo är redan en fyra månader gammal Russian Blue-hane som Kim köpte i somras. Ines kommer från Kims systers katt Sally som fick kattungar i juli. Dessa två har redan tagit våra hjärtan med storm. De är världens mysigaste kattungar. Så i framtiden kommer resandet med andra ord kräva lite mer planering, men jag hoppas på att fortsätta kunna komma iväg några gånger per år.
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update: about me

New York City, New York September'15

It's been a while since I introduced myself, especially for all of you new readers. I just wanted to share some words again, maybe you can learn something new and interesting about me. First of all, I'm so thankful for your comments once in a while, and of course your daily visits here! 

But who is Julia, the girl behind BP? I currently live in Gothenburg, Sweden's second largest city located on the west coast. I've lived in the city for more than two years now, since August'13, when I left my hometown for university studies. I'm currently studying my third year of a bachelor programme in industrial design and engineering at Chalmers University of Technology. It's the perfect programme for me since I'm very creative, and since math has always been a favorite. 

Since I'm quite creative I love to sketch and I like to spend all afternoon alone just sketching. It's also a big part of my educational programme. I love to draw people, mostly by using pen or pencil. I also like to take photographs and spend a lot of time editing them. Mostly because it's so much fun. Graphic design skills, like creating logotypes, is something else I've spent a lot of time trying to improve.

Another thing I really enjoy is baking. There's nothing as pleasant as a perfectly decorated chocolate cupcake. I guess that's another hobby due to my creative side. When it comes to sports, I've always liked to be out running. It makes me relax and stress down. Most recently I've tried yoga and mindfulness which are other amazing stress relievers. 

To afford all of my travels, I have had a couple of part time jobs during my studies. One of them was working with elementary and high school students as a math tutor. I really loved that job and worked several times a week for over 1,5 years. But unfortunately, I'm not continuing this autumn. It took way too much time and energy since I had to travel around. I'm still working as an industrial design consultant though. I started in September last year and I'm still working a couple of hours every week. It's a company run by students and owned by the university. It's an unique experience, and we have so much fun all students working together. I get the unique chance to work as a designer for companies all around Sweden, even though I'm still a student. That's pretty cool, huh?

I recently started to blog in English. One major reason was that my international friends had a hard time understanding Swedish, haha. I studied English at an international language school (EF) this summer and made friends from all over the world. I decided to study the same English course on three different locations instead of one, Los Angeles, Honolulu and New York, which was pretty unique. I also got the chance to visit San Francisco and Las Vegas while in California. A good way to combine travels with education.

After graduating high school, my first trip alone was traveling interrail through Central Europe. It was an amazing trip, and it was after those weeks that my big interest in travelling started to get more serious. I've always dreamt about travelling around the globe, but never thought I was able to. But with hard work and lots of planning I've visited 15 countries since graduation two years ago. I finally feel free, and it shows that everything is possible!

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