travels on instagram

Some travel pics I've shared on Instagram over the years!
Pictures from previous trips with photos from Venice, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Milan, Turkey, London, Thailand, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Hawaii, New York, Budapest, Warsaw and Tenerife. Enjoy!
My instagram account: @lindvalljulia

throwback: us trip

Mixed favorites from last summer, June-October'15
Mixed photos from Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Hawaii and New York. One year ago, I'd never believe I'd leave Sweden for three months alone in the U.S., but it turned out so great!

haight / ashbury

San Francisco, the US July'15
I just love San Francisco. It's such a cozy place, nothing like the rest of California. Even though Cali is famous for its relaxed, beachy lifestyle, SF is just different. It sure is relaxed and openminded, just in another way. San Francisco is more liberal, modern and more like Europe in some kind. My first comment was about the city and its similarities to Stockholm, Amsterdam and Paris. It just reminded me of my favorite European cities. A favorite, for sure!
Haight/Ashbury is an area around a crossing of two streets with the same name. It is home to SF's hippies. It's an area with a lot of positive spirit and personality. It's very different from what I've seen before, but it sure is a nice place!