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Some travel pics I've shared on Instagram over the years!
Pictures from previous trips with photos from Venice, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Milan, Turkey, London, Thailand, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Hawaii, New York, Budapest, Warsaw and Tenerife. Enjoy!
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NYC walking tour

Wandering down the streets of Soho, New York City.
One afternoon we just walked around, exploring the downtown area of Manhattan. We took the subway from Grand Central Station to Soho, and then we were off wandering.

We walked down to the southwest downtown area and grabbed a burger at Black Burger. I'm telling you it was the best burger I've EVER had. O.M.G. Pure perfection (...even though is doesn't look very tasty above).

We left Soho and walked towards the Freedom tower to visit Ground Zero and the rest of the memorial from the 9/11 terror attack. Later on, on our way to Brooklyn Bridge, we walked through the financial district and passed famous Wall Street.
Last, we took a look at the Statue of Liberty from the shore line in Battery Park.
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magnolia bakery

Magnolia bakery, NYC September'15
One friday afternoon in September was spent wandering around Manhattan. We were supposed to go to MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) but it was so crowded that we decided to go somewhere else. We ended up visiting Magnolia bakery instead, a bakery famous for its cute cupcakes. It was my first cupcake in America, and it was sensational. The best cupcake ever, no doubt. 
After some delicious cupcakes, we strolled down to Times Square for shopping. I miss New York so bad...
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