hanauma bay

Hanauma bay, Oahu August'15

Today, we have been snorkeling all morning. We went to Hanauma bay, the most popular bay for snorkeling, here on Oahu, Hawaii. I was floating around in the reefs for hours, watching the colorful fishes swim by.

I can only compare today's experience with snorkeling on the north shore, but this place was great. I really liked Hanauma. The bay was beautiful. 

Of course I forgot my camera and had to use my iPhone camera instead, but fortunately the pictures came out pretty well. 

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valley of the temples

Byodo-In Temple, Hawaii August'15

Since Japan is one of Hawaii's closest neighbors, many places are influenced by the Japanese culture. Something very interesting for someone who never been to Japan. This Buddhist temple is one of them.

Amazing shop close to the temple!

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pali lookout point

Pali lookout, Oahu August'15

From this lookout point, you're able to overlook the whole city of Kaneohe. Kaneohe is based in the middle of the valley, and this I where I'm living at the moment. 

As the picture shows, the gracious hills are often (or always...) covered by clouds. The air is so moist here in Kaneohe. It's one of the hottest places on Oahu, but also one with a lot of rainfalls.

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