throwback: eurotrip

Interrail through Europe, April-May'14
It's almost two years since we backpacked around Europe by train. We had so much fun! It felt like a perfect day for a throwback, so enjoy!
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polonia palace hotel

Polonia Palace Hotel, Warsaw January'16
I loved Polonia Palace. It was a great hotel at the center of Warsaw. We spent most of our time in the city center but paid a visit to the Old Town.
To get to Warsaw's Old Town, at the northern part of the city, we used the metro system. It was easy and so comfortable. It was way too cold to walk those kilometers!
The interior of the hotel was beautiful.
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travel plans / 2016

I've been trying to set up some travel plans for 2016 the last couple of weeks. I've already booked some tickets, and trying to figure everything else out before deciding where to go this year.
Warsaw (January)
Status: Been there, done that! 
A quick get-away with my love. We were planning to do some shopping, eat lots of delicious food and just have a good time in the Polish capital. And yes, we had a great time. Loved the city!
Tenerife, Spain (April)
Status: Booked!
One week of sunshine and relaxation. Me and my best friend is going to Tenerife in April to explore one of the popular Canary Islands. We booked a fancy four star hotel with breakfast buffet every morning, and we're so worth it. Can't wait!
Croatia/Bulgaria (Summer)
Status: Dreaming... 
I really want to go visit Croatia or Bulgaria this summer. I've heard so much about the two countries. With the Mediteranian sea up close and lots of beautiful beaches, they sound amazing.
Brazil (Summer)
Status: I'm planning!
I'm planning to visit my friend Mayra who I spent my summer with last year in LA. I've missed her so much. She's promised me to show me Brazil some day, and it's a country up high one my bucket list. Can't wait to see her again! 
Prague (Autumn)
Status: Time will tell...
Everyone keep telling I have to go to Prague, and since I loved both Budapest and Warsaw I guess I'd like this one as well. I'm not sure if it's gonna happen this year, but some day.
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