venice beach part 2

Venice beach, Los Angeles June'15
One of my favorite places in L.A. is definitely Venice beach. It's such a crazy place, but I just love the area! The thing I miss most about Los Angeles is the beachy, and healthy, lifestyle. To go for a walk or a run at the beach at sunset every night was amazing.
And the actual beach is so beautiful. The pictures above is actually taken during my first day in Los Angeles and America. I can't believe it has been over three months by now. Gosh! Time flies.
I just loved the small shops next to the bike paths. It's so popular to rent bikes or roller skates here, we tried tandem bikes one day and had so much fun!

submarine ride

90 feet below the surface of the Pacific Ocean, September'15

Due to my pneumothorax (lung collapse) two years ago, I'm never gonna be able to scuba dive. But I did something nearly as cool (I guess...) when I was in Hawaii - a submarine ride. About 30 meters below surface we saw beautiful reefs with both turtles, sharks and plenty of colorful fishes.

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let's go yankees

Yankee stadium, Bronx September'15

As I'm becoming a true New Yorker, I've started to enjoy baseball and, from now on, supporting Yankees baseball team. Or not... Baseball is so boring when you don't understand the rules clearly, haha! But it's super American, and therefore a must do while visiting. We watched New York Yankees vs Chichago White Sox yesterday. It was a great game, but I think I was more impressed by the huuuge buckets of fried chicken.

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