magnolia bakery

Magnolia bakery, NYC September'15
One friday afternoon in September was spent wandering around Manhattan. We were supposed to go to MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) but it was so crowded that we decided to go somewhere else. We ended up visiting Magnolia bakery instead, a bakery famous for its cute cupcakes. It was my first cupcake in America, and it was sensational. The best cupcake ever, no doubt. 
After some delicious cupcakes, we strolled down to Times Square for shopping. I miss New York so bad...
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the opera house

The Budapest Opera house, October'15

One of my favorite buildings in the Budapest city center was definitely the opera house. I loved the architecture.

The ceiling inside the building, at the entrance hall, was stunning. 

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china town

China Town, NYC September'15

Finding China town while visiting a larger city has become some sort of exiting challenge for me. These are pictures from China town in New York. I still thinks that London has the best one though, but Milan's isn't too bad either. I didn't like NYC's as much as other cities', but it's still a nice area! I'm so disappointed I missed China town in San Francisco since most people says it's the best one in America. Next time!

While walking back to Grand Central Station at dusk, we had some delicious ice cream from one of the famous ice cream trucks all over Manhattan. 

It was such a beautiful sunset coming up! 

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